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Why babies are expensive, but could save you money

We were barely keeping all the balls up in the air — robbing Peter to pay Paul, raiding our meager savings to pay for...

Wet basement? Here are ways to deal with it

Waterfalls and water fountains soothe the soul. Water in your basement stirs up anguish.

Jessie Ware on Tough Love, working with Miguel and getting mobbed in Poland

She bridges the gap between electronica and The X Factor, and her blend of crystalline pop and refined soul is a relief in a world of cloying attention seekers. So wheres her self-confidence? Did you give me a rooibos? splutters Jessie Ware, looking incredulously down at the mug of tea handed to her by Sam, her then-fiance, now husband. Fucking hell, you did. Control freak. Thats going to be ...

Kia's electric Soul will cost you a semi-reasonable $33,700

Kia's reputation for low-cost cars is extending into the electric realm... well, sort of. The company has announced that the Soul EV will start at $33,700 when it reaches the US this fall. That's more expensive than the Nissan Leaf ($28,980) and well...

Sex toys and Manchester Uniteds soul: deadline day and the lessons learned

From Uniteds signing of Radamel Falcao through Liverpool taking Mario Balotelli to Manchester City letting Álvaro Negredo go answering the questions posed after the window closed Arsenal sign Danny Welbeck from Manchester United United agree deal for Ángel Di María from Real Madrid Report claims clubs are paying 16% more for players Continue reading...

Letters to the Editor

Bounty and Soul is a local non-profit dedicated to ending food insecurity through the distribution of nutritious food and health and wellness education.

3 Financial Reasons You Should Keep Copies of Your Medical Records

At some point in your life, you could face a medical bill high enough to threaten your financial well-being. Given that most large medical bills contain errors, you'll want to make sure yours doesn't -- or it could really cost you.

Campbell's Marcopoloni supports the artisan craft

Not everyone is able to spend their lives working on something they're passionate about, but Campbell husband and wife Daniele and Emi Graziani, founders and owners of Marcopoloni, are two of the lucky ones.

Wynn, Milken, Murdoch, Julian Robertson: Scene Last Night

The Soul Tigers marching band from the Soul Tigers Music & Arts program based at a public school in East New York Brooklyn. The Soul Tigers marching band from the Soul Tigers Music & Arts program based at a public school in East New York Brooklyn.

10 Hot Ways To Get A White Smile

If eyes are the window to the soul, then teeth are, er, the door to the soul? But seriously, feeling confident enough to give a big cheesy smile can be hard if you've got any anxieties over your gnashers.


Expensive Soul are a portuguese hip-hop band from Leça da Palmeira, Oporto. They were formed in 2000 by New Max (singer/producer) and Demo (Mc).

Expensive Soul on Last.fm.

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