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Soul Food Festival no longer welcome in Forest Park

Kinfolk’s Soul Food Festival played music too loud, closed two hours late and left Art Hill with “a couple hundred cubic yards” of litter.

Aussie boots too expensive for our troops

An Australian boot manufacturer, which has been supplying boots since before WWI, has lost its contract because it can't compete with imports.

8 perfect gifts for a designer

Ah, the ever-elusive, moody, sensitive designer. To define them simply, a designer is an artist with a job. Sure, he had big dreams of being the next Jackson Pollock back when he was in art school, but you know what s even more expensive than a useless art school degree? Living in the type of cities that artists like to congregate in. This explains the aforementioned job. Artistic passion don t ...

Get to know the Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi Delta is a storied region that sets the standard for all things Southern, good and bad. Here are some of our favorite spots to explore.

Superfood & superheroes. By Matt Preston

Books, television, trends and new chefs with new methods of tackling the old cuisines ensure there is always something amazing to inspire us in our kitchens. Matt Preston reports.

Blake Lively's Preserve: 10 Most Random Items on Her New Lifestyle Site Include Pickles, Crystals, Thought Bubbles

Check out the ten most random items from Blake Lively's new lifestyle website Preserve, including pickles and thought bubbles!

Recent college grad from Crystal Lake recovering after being hit by car

DES MOINES, Iowa – Greg Johnson was a little more than a month removed from his daughter's college graduation when he got the call that shocked his system and made his wife's knees buckle.

Body of missing S.Korean shipping tycoon found

South Korean police say they've found a body of a fugitive billionaire businessman sought over April's ferry disaster that left more than 300 people dead or missing.

The 3-3-5 Rule and Financial Freedom

By Gerald Tay (guest contributor) In a recent blog post, fellow contributor Property Soul shared her rules on buying a property you can afford, what she called the “3-3-5” rule. A Propwise.sg reader JC wrote in to comment that Rule #3 (the purchase price of the property should not exceed five times your annual income) [...]

Shipping tycoon sought in connection with South Korea ferry disaster found dead

South Korean police said Tuesday that they had found the body of a fugitive businessman wanted in connection with April's ferry disaster that left more than 300 people, many of them high school students, dead or missing.


Expensive Soul are a portuguese hip-hop band from Leça da Palmeira, Oporto. They were formed in 2000 by New Max (singer/producer) and Demo (Mc).

Expensive Soul on Last.fm.

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